BETTY GRISHAM ~ Sheri And Ruth

(Portraits Of Care)


                Copyright.   Original artwork by Betty Grisham.




Sheri And Ruth


20"W X 20 "H

oil on canvas

Not For Sale

Commissioned "Portrait Of Care" for AARP


October 1, 2015, I was selected to participate in a project sponsored by AARP and coordinated by the GMMB organization. The project is the “Portraits of Care” campaign designed to inspire caregivers to share their stories on This is an effort to celebrate the “quiet heroes at the heart of these stories”. Bipartisan legislation, endorsed by AARP, has been introduced in Congress to support family caregivers.

The bill is called RAISE (Recognize, Assist, Include, Support and Engage) Family Caregivers Act (S1719/HR3099). According to AARP the bill requires a strategy that would “identify specific actions that government, communities, providers, employers and others can take to recognize and support family caregivers. That will help people live at home where numerous surveys show they want to be preventing more costly care and saving taxpayer dollars.

AARP collected the personal stories (one story about a pair of persons) from each state and territory.
Each person (the caregiver and the caregivee) then had their portraits painted based upon reference photos accompanying their stories.
The portraits (oil paintings for the most part) are showcased in an event on Capitol Hill in the Senate Hart Building on November 3 for Congress representatives and their staff.
Then another event exhibiting the work will be the following day November 4 at the AARP headquarters.
59 Caregivers and their caregivers from every state and territory are represented.
21 artists from 12 states participated.
Each portrait is 20” X 20”.

As always I feel like I “know" these people after studying them and painting their images. I understand that the finished portraits will be presented to them following the events. It is my hope that they will be pleased with the likeness and artistic interpretation I have created of them. I feel honored to be given the opportunity to participate. This is a subject close to my heart. Anyone who has had a loved one who has required care can relate to this.

If you would like to call to support the RAISE Family Caregivers ACT (S 1719/HR 3099) here are the phone numbers you will need.
844-453-9952 Representatives phone number (toll free)
844-449-9466 Senator’s phone number (toll free)