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I enjoy painting portraits of my clients' beloved pets as well as people, family, friends, houses etc. Clients provide me with snapshots, preferably some that are taken in natural light and some taken in artificial light.  I may choose elements of several different photos, change or improvise backgrounds, and combine photos of different pets into one painting.  I use the clients' preferred photos as the main references for the painting or drawing.  I am open to ideas and suggestions, but artistic decisions ultimately must be made by me.  I don't accept all commissions.  A contract and non-refundable deposit apply.  Customized gift certificates are available upon request. Commissioned pet paintings begin at $400. Graphite drawings for pets begin at $350. Graphite drawings include a mat and frame.  Contact me for more specific information about prices, contracts, and the different options available.  If you plan to visit my studio to discuss a commission, please call and make an appointment since I am not in every day. (Above: "Charlie" in front of his portrait included in "Old Town Dogs". This painting is based upon several reference photos I took of dogs in Old Town Alexandria over a period of about three years. Our beloved dog Charlie is the Miniature Schnauzer with his head cocked to the side on the front row. Charlie passed away on Dec. 8, 2014, after giving us 12 years of love, joy, entertainment and companionship. We miss him.)


This is is my painting of our newest family member Sherlock. He was 4 months old in the reference photo used for this painting. He is quite a character. We love him.





© Copyright 2018.   Original artwork by Betty Grisham.     Click on thumbnails for larger image. 


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